About us

There is only one thing
we take seriously.

Our work

We've been doing many things from mobile apps through product development to integrated campaigns. We sought after and found plenty of challenges, through which we grew from a bunch of buddies into a full-fledged agency.

However, the reason behind each and every new project we take on is still the same: an insatiable desire to create clever things, which make us and our clients happy.

Mito's Structure

  • Graphic design
    Graphic design

    Jutasi Gábor

    Head of Art Jutasi Gábor - Head of Art

    True digital natives, bringing creative concepts and complex structures to life whether it's online or offline, pixels or inches.

    What we do:
    Website design, user interfaces, brand identity, print design, storyboarding, motion graphics, photography
  • Development

    Szabolcs Bobor

    Head of Development Szabolcs Bobor - Head of Development

    Within scope, on time - this is what our development team abides by with precise execution from planning to testing.

    What we do:
    Front-end and back-end development, architectural planning, quality assurance, maintenance
  • UX Design
    UX Design

    Ferenczi Bálint

    Head of UX Design Ferenczi Bálint - Head of UX Design

    For every piece of information or animation there should be a reason, and this reason should be derived from user needs. We take care of that.

    What we do:
    Information architecture, wireframing, user research, usability consultancy, interaction design, product design
  • Data & CRM
    Data & CRM

    Judit Torma

    Head of Data Judit Torma - Head of Data

    Do you have a bunch of different data sources and lost track of all your big data? Let us fix that up and read through it like an open book.

    What we do:
    Data sourcing, scraping, data cleansing, normalization, data warehouse, visualization, analysis and prediction
  • Client Services
    Client Services

    Noémi Herczeg

    Head of Client Services Noémi Herczeg - Head of Client Services

    The front line of our agency, ensuring quality client care across all areas, and tackling all potential problems along the way.

    What we do:
    Account management, campaign management and coordination, new business development consultancy
  • Creative & Strategy
    Creative & Strategy

    Marosi Gergő

    Creative Director Marosi Gergő - Creative Director

    Copywriters, creative directors and strategists work closely together on each campaign to make sure that the outcome hits the nail right on the head.

    What we do:
    Brand consulting, strategic planning, campaign creation and execution, content strategy and creation, production
  • SEM & Analytics
    SEM & Analytics

    Zita Buják

    Head of SEM & Analytics Zita Buják - Head of SEM & Analytics

    Search engine marketing places a message in the line of sight and by analytics we measure how well we do that and how much you gain.

    What we do:
    PPC and RTB campaign management, analytics and SEO consultancy.
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  • Consultancy

    Balázs Dobó

    Head of Consultancy Balázs Dobó - Head of Consultancy

    Relevant answers to relevant questions, that's what our consultants are looking for all-day, every day.

    What we do:
    Business strategy, market research, digital concept creation, strategic consulting
  • Media

    Molnár Edina

    Head of Media Molnár Edina - Head of Media

    We have an in-house media buyer, which enables us to tailor campaign creatives and media plans to make the most out of each other.

    What we do:
    Media planning and buying, campaign optimization and post-analysis, target group analysis
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The Book of Mito

Albert Farkas, Balázs Pőcze and Balázs Kovács had a daring idea at the tender age of 27 (mean average). They envisioned a company developing its own products, taking care of its own advertising and becoming an agency in its own right by making the most of the available top quality grey matter. Around that time, in 2007, the advertising scene started shifting from being dictated by communication channels towards integrated, idea-centered campaigns. That pretty much shaped Mito’s path.

By 2012 the company became a full-fledged communications agency with above the line capabilities complementing the digital roots, as well as a development powerhouse with 50+ frontend and backend developers creating memorable digital campaigns as well as state-of-the art websites. Gaining an edge in development has been made possible by the flocking in of great talent on the user experience, consultancy and data teams simultaneously - and the chemistry holding the different divisions together as one.

Nowadays, while being a top agency in Hungary, Mito also turns abroad for challenges. Heavy research and user experience capabilities provide a solid background for delivering cutting edge stuff (or “clever things”) all over the world, from Reykjavík to Dubai.

Mito Studio

Mito Studio is the place within Mito, where we dream up and experiment with our own ideas besides our daily work.