We want to shape how businesses interact and maintain relationships with customers by utilising data and emerging marketing technologies with a human touch.

What we do

Right now we are focusing on marketing automation and conversational commerce, because these technologies save you time, help you spend your money where it’s needed most, scale your business more efficiently, and break down the silos within your organization.

Even better, marketing automation tools and conversational commerce solutions are becoming increasingly accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Beyond SMS - RCS is coming

The next big thing in conversational marketing is coming in 2020. Are you ready?

Conversational Commerce

Conversational Commerce is becoming a significant domain within marketing communication. The ability to chat through text, or even talk using voice, with applications, services and brands is fueling a wave of innovation. Reflecting on this change, we dedicated a team within Mito Next responsible for messaging-based marketing solutions, lead qualification, segmentation and  we have developed our own Chatbot solution tailored for enterprise.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an integrated capability of our data driven marketing service. We have gained substantial knowledge in the field of user journey mapping, data driven business logic implementation, omnichannel user flow design, development and automation. We are also responsible for resourcing new Ad technologies and managing integrations.

We are software-agnostic, meaning that we always select the most suitable automation tools for our clients.

Our special focus is on projects where we can support Mito’s Performance team, further optimizing ad targeting and lead nurturing, classification of advertising channels with the help of 1st party data.

Top Clients

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