Some fresh concepts,
visuals and clever things

Go Red For Women

Did you know, that cardiovascular disease is the No. 1 killer of women and that 80% of cases could be prevented with lifestyle changes? We came up with a unique idea to raise awareness to these deadly important facts.

Mito is loving it

As McDonald's' lead digital agency, we work with mouth watering materials day in, day out, in the frame of digital campaigns, social media management tasks and a website redesign project.

Mito learns to fly

Wizzair is the largest discount airline in Central and Eastern Europe. A new website with a fast and simple booking system? Coming right up!

Vodafone goes mobile

When a mobile service provider asks you for a mobile site and an application, you know you are at the top of your game.

Hair meet wardrobe

Perfect hair, stunning outfit, awesome local communication strategy. We are responsible for the third one, obviously.

Playful testing

Probably the first time people were searching the streets for billboards, but they were. True story coming up.

Mito does good

Did you donate money at recently? If not, it's time to check out the new website, not only because we had something to do with it.

A crazy plan

Grando is a big online marketplace. Really big. It's so big, it's almost impossible to imagine. This film gives you an idea about just how grand grando is.

Hello Smart Store

A state of the art store popped up in the heart of Budapest, offering the very best of Vodafone. Mito took part in developing its digital backbone.

Burn Studios

The latest piece of amazing news around Mito: is now live, revolutionizing the music business bit by bit, if everything goes according to plan.

Coke Club

Another amazing summer we had with Coke Club. This year, our responsibilities went beyond social media: Mito took care of the Club’s ATL campaign too. Check us out!

FHB Reinvented

FHB is the bank of families - and our latest companion. We relaunched the brand with a spectacular ATL-BTL campaign featuring the most playful animation technique. 12 000 frames, 5 pairs of scissors and hands. Have fun!

Funzine - mobile app

Mito's team created an iPhone app for Funzine, a popular event listing guide for English speakers in Budapest. The app contains the latest events, as well as venues, including galleries, clubs, eateries, baths and so on. redesign

Take lots of paint, add a few clever things, stir well and before you now it, Trilak’s new website is live and shiny! Mito does the cooking.

Developing culture

Hungary's premiere venue for culture is definitely Művészetek Palotája, or MüPa in Budapest. To match the fantastic events they're hosting, we've put a fantastic amount of work in programming their new site.

Main clients

Vodafone McDonald's Cetelem FHB Művészetek Palotája Sanoma Budapest Unilever Nissan GE Lighting Unicef