Outside the comfort zone.
Even at a festival.

We made young people step outside their comfort zone like never before. Using only a chatbot.



Going to a festival isn’t really about leaving your comfort zone anymore. We buy the passes half a year in advance, and we know beforehand which performers we’ll see, where and who we’ll go with. Boring, isn’t it? That’s why Telekom decided to create the most discovery-filled festival campaign ever.


No info. At all.

So the festival-goers looking to party weren’t given any information about the programs beforehand. Not the location, not the exact date, not even who’s gonna perform. However, we still gave them something: a tool we could use to speak with them. We named it the Magenta Vibe Chatbot.


Only a chatbot?!

Magenta Vibe was just like that buddy who knows all the cool places and randomly drops you a message if he knows about a dope party. Except this buddy had more than 15,000 friends. But we skipped the usual stuff. We invited people to container parties, festivals, meet and greets, private concerts and secret locations. Those who were down with it could experience something really outside their comfort zone. Finally!


Magenta Vibe received

159,695 messages

in Messenger.

We reached more than​

1.2 million people

with the campaign.

15,646 people

talked to our bot, and almost all of them said they were interested in our parties.

Emese Bódi

Mesi is searching for minds and souls, loves a good CV and to chat with new people. Go ahead and find out!

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