Love printing and making coffee?
Mito might not be the place for you.

Check out our internship programmes!

We’ve been running these initiatives for more than a decade, and have met some of our brightest colleagues this way.

There’s always a lot going on at Mito and internships are a crucial part of that. They start and end at different times in the year and structures also differ depending on the team. We’ve compiled a list of our typical internship programmes for you to get an idea on how the soon-to-be-juniors roll at Mito.

GFX Bootcamp

Mito Creative
GFX Bootcamp lets novice Graphic Designers get a glimpse into the way Mito Creative and the GFX team operates. Under the mentorship of Art Directors, they work on the biggest brands and pick up the tips and tricks of the trade, and they also receive some basic training in concept creation, production and social.

Strategy Bootcamp

Mito Creative
An introduction into the world of strategic planning in 3 intensive days. It offers a chance to get familiar with the field and take part in exciting project work as well. The knowledge boost is a great opportunity in itself but the most promising applicant gets a 6-month internship in the Strategy team of Mito Creative.

Prod 101

Mito Creative
Prod 101 is a completely free course created for curious people with no experience yet. Of course it helps to be intereseted in advertising and film production as that is what it’s all about. 8 applicants will get together every week for six weeks for a day of knowledge conveyed by Mito Creative and various guests. At the end one applicant will join us as an intern while the other 7 will be able to go on project work with our partners.

Online Marketing internship

Mito Performance
An opportunity for someone who wants to start buiding a career in online marketing. Our Online Marketing Interns can learn how a performance project works at an agency, get to participate in real projects with real impact on brands. They can get familiar with a wide variety of comptences like planning and managing global media campaigns, measuring users’ behaviour during online shopping or using SEO to help in brand reputation.

Social Media Internship

Mito Creative
Some would say this is an internship (that’s why we call it that) but that would be a tad misleading (but we still call it that). We could also call it a 6 month agency simulation that shows you just what it’s like working in a social media team – by working in a social media team. It’s an opportunity to learn how to handle the most important social platforms, to get familiar with influencer marketing and the world of stats and to gain knowledge about how a strategic and tactical social plan comes to life.

Account Internship

Mito Creative
Six months of understanding and experiencing what agency life is all about. It’s not about getting the dirty work off the big guys’ hands but getting hands dirty in many parts of the account management tasks to learn and grow as much as possible. It’s an opportunity to learn the basics of client service and agile project management, to gain knowledge about the roles of all the different professionals involved in the creation of a campaign.

CRM & Loyalty internship

Mito Next
The opportunity to gather first-hand experience and learn about the dynamics of the marketing industry. This open-ended internship provides experience in complex projects related to the implementation of loyalty programs and various digital campaigns. It gives you the opportunity to work closely together with business consultants and design specialists on both ad-hoc and long term activities, take part in research and knowledge gathering and of course carry on working together after as well if everything fits.