eSIM Management at Your Disposal

The era of tranditional SIM cards is coming to an end. The eSIM technology is at our doorsteps, and it’s changing the way carriers handle provisioning.

The story

Forged ahead in R&D with DT to discover the management of devices supporting the eSIM technology.

We jointly delivered an Android application and an intermediary middleware that allows the management of various eSIM capable devices. The solution was demoed on the Mobile World Congress in 2018.


Telekom wanted to pioneer the capabilities of eSIM Device Management.

The eSIM technology in the end of 2017 was still making its first steps towards the market, so Deutsche Telekom wanted to discover how to handle provisioning tasks.

A mobile application is the perfect fit to manage your eSIM capable devices, such as your car, smartwatches or even IoT devices.


Our cross-functional agile team worked tightly with Telekom’s Product Owner.

UX & UI designers, mobile and middleware developers, and a project manager delivered the User Stories that Telekom’s PO supplied to the backlog. Agile development was carried out to match the uncertainties of such R&D work.

THE Result

The Multi Device Management application is ready for integration.

Deutsche Telekom’s PoC platform for the complete eSIM device management was ready and demoed in multiple venues generating great attention and visibility.