Customers in the Driving Seat - Modernizing Self-Care

Digitization is the tool that allows telco customers to control their assets.

The story

We’ve redesigned a self-care portal ecosystem to meet the standards of the new digital era.

We elevated the user experience to the expected level of our client’s customers.
This covered both the B2C and the B2B segments of our leading European telco client.

From the country specific designs we created an adaptable blueprint useable by the rest of the local companies within the group.


Keeping up with the complexity of propositions while integrating with legacy B/OSS is a balancing act.

Both B2C and B2B have highly complex frequently changing products and processes. Also there is a huge customer demand for easy administration.
The two segments are on a different level of digital maturity, requiring an appropriate design approach.


Our research team deep dived data and stakeholder opinions to create solid foundations for the new portals.

User and stakeholder interviews, heuristic and competitor analysis, customer journey mapping and numerous other research methodologies were utlizied to gather and validate the requirements.

THE Result

Segment oriented designs were created with coherent brand identity throughout the self-care ecosystem.

The group-wide blueprint was shared with respective local companies, enabling their teams to benefit from the research results and country specific designs.