How many ways to draw a cross? Quite a few.

We've been designing T-shirts for our field trips for 10 years. It's time we deciphered what they might mean.


Take a peek at what we've been copping for the past 10 years.

They may well end up as worn-out pyjamas, but that’s not how the pieces of the Mito collection started out. Every year, the entire GFX team roll up their sleeves and undertake the challenge of creating something of meaning and lasting value. Or not so much meaning, but value nonetheless. So, instead of going to physical places together, we hop into a time capsule. We’ve asked our ex-art-student colleagues to help us decode the undecodable.



Our model here enlists all the characteristcs of naïve art: he clearly has no clue as to what state he’s in and what result may come out of that state. The above statement is equally true about creating and wearing his masterpiece. Conceived in ’30s Berlin and born in Budapest in 2010, the form meets a model who has not changed one bit over 10 years, probably because he is still just over 30.
Designer: Dániel Kövesházi / 2011 – Model: Chek


X Marks the Spot

The city-map rug of our childhood meets the romanticism of the interface. Having become the master of perspective and spatial design, one can deliberately choose to ignore the rules of both. Add a touch of colour to the monochrome world, whose symbolism clearly needs no explanation. Radiating a Tokio-sized sense of self confidence, our model sports a look into distance even Donald Trump would envy in an eclipse.

Designer: Viktor V. Németh / 2015 – Modell: Geri


Practical Effects

The manifestation of yet unspecified states of existence in well defined forms of paint. Under the guise of disheveled charm lies an encounter of Jackson Pollock and the static of kinescope televisions. Negative space, positive vibes and a middle finger to colour blindness tests. This is either something or going somewhere.
Designer: Gábor Jutasi / 2015 – Modell: Lia


Abracadabra, Motherf*cka

Who said that design can’t be functional? This meticulously portioned dash of psychedelics fits our one-man hypnosis ensemble like a glove. May this world peace inspiring work of art lead your twitching fingers the next time you google vegan amphetamine.

Designer: Levente Bezzegh / 2016 – Modell: Dávid


The Amazing Wolfman

The ancient motif of an animal spirit trapped in a human body is as hot and eternal as dodgy puns. With the combination of the two, any kind of game can be disarmed: all it takes is a semi-cheeky power pose and a headband to make sure you don’t leave your DNA at the scene of the crime.
Designer: Vera Beke / 2016 – Modell: Kopi


We're All Individuals

We’re drifting together on the surface of our reality like spots of grease in our nan’s chicken broth. We’re offing online, experiencing the night, approaching the collective subconscious through the individual. This central layer of the symbolism of a group of dots orientating towards a common denominator is what our model may have overheard at Madách Square on a Friday night and made her feel so other-worldly.
Designer: Tibor Lovas / 2017 – Modell: Anita


Mito Ltd. x The Centre of the Circle

Right angles in a circle that make you spin like a spinning jenny. Co-existence of wafer and cross, augmented by the button of a retro-futurist Walkman. Noble simplicity and quiet grandeur that elevate your blackest of T-shirts. In short, the moustache is not the only treat in this picture.
Designer: Gábor Jutasi / 2017 – Modell: Marci


The Word on the Street

Just as the evolution of our language is being challenged by character limits, degrading our means of communication to the level of hieroglyphs, the benign custom of canonising word-of-mouth expressions is on the rise. Even though our descendants may be perplexed by the implicit meaning of an aubergine, language reform will always and forever be cool, fam.
Designer: Péter Babucs / 2018 – Modellek: Báhar és Dávid


Incomplete Symphony

No work of art is ever truly final, which makes the intention of achieving such state not only futile, but counterproductive as well. This exciting design is as much a bellowing statement against the perversity of perfection as a stand for the mesmerising abstraction of open-source idea crumbs. Or not.
Designer: Dániel Kövesházi / 2018 – Modell: Báhar


God's Colour Palette

Angular vectors meet the disruptive spots of creativity like the blurred signature of a higher entity across the canvas of the universe. If our existence was a Behance mood board or a coffee mark on an official document, we’re pretty sure that this is what it would look like.

Designer: Hargitta Csík / 2019 – Modell: Timi


But Mum, I'm a Cyberpunk!

The corrupt, self-denying cross is a case study of drinking on a red pill. Not only will you start seeing kung-fu moves in a rain of green characters, but also on the LED screen of your phone. You can wear it proudly if you, in the pursuit of the idea of trans-humanism, exchanged your inter-personal relationships for a digital interface early on in the ’90s.
Deisgner: Tibor Lovas / 2020 – Modell: Milán


I'm Dad's Clenched Fist

Don’t let the naughty bud-spencerian playfulness mislead you: behind this smile lies the elementary black hole force of self-expression, boiling to get to the surface (insert random chili-bean joke here). This T-shirt is the hissing sound of the motion-picture suspense driver, screen-printed on white fabric.
Designer: Tibor Lovas / 2020 – Modell: Dani


No One Puts Baby in the Corner

Art is contextual, an angle grinder is ageless and charm is genetic. This is one of those rare occasions when design and model form an indivisible union, so they can kick and scream their spirit into our eyes and souls. It is no understatement to say: this garment is as smooth as a baby’s bottom!
Designer: Georgina Csörgő / 2015 – Modell: Áron

So where do we go from here?

No idea. No doubt, someone again is going to write round the GFX department suggesting that they do something. Draw whatever they have in mind. And then we print it, wear it, wash it, wear it again until it lands next to our other PJ in the drawer.
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