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Mito Weekly

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Mito Weekly

At the very beginning we started an in-house knowledge spreading endeavour on our internal blog by collecting each week’s most interesting, inspiring and informative content. We also realised that a huge bunch of links is not the ideal solution without proper curation, so we rather reduced the amount of content and added a personal description or insight to each link.

After a short while we realised that the our little initiative grew really big and the value created on our in-house channel is truly valuable, so why not share it with everyone who may be interested. This took us to our next step when we moved the content from blog posts to a newsletter to let anyone sign up. This was the first Mito Studio product to be launched publicly and we learned a lot on the way from curating content, through finessing the maintenance and workflow, to distributing and evolving our product.

The content is Hungarian-only at this point, but you may want to keep an eye out because English version is on its way.

We have a lot more, but these we wanted to show you.

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