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No Hope For Us

A co-op multiplayer survival game

No Hope For Us

The Story

It is 2125. Earth is done. The virus took over and only a few thousand survivors managed to escape to four orbiting space stations. While they are getting ready to move on, drop-ships are scanning the surface, looking for survivors.

Looking up from the ground you see the pulsing light of a carrier ship and wish for the best. Another wave of the infected are coming and the building where you used to work before your colleagues got zombified, is your last stand. You don’t have much supplies left but this should take just a little longer and you could be out of here for good.

You can team up with 3 friends and join a co-op multiplayer game to defend yourself against the mutant hordes. Or face the zombie rush on your own if you have what it takes. Either way you need to lead this effort or there is no hope for us.

About the game

No Hope For Us was made at the mighty Mito Hackathon as one of many awesome projects born at this 24-hour jam, where a company of coders, designers and other professionals push themselves to deliver something cool in two days and without any sleep.

We played around with the idea of a possible zombie attack and decided that our best chance to survive such an event was to stay at the office and try to defeat the threat together. Hence, the pixel art version of our office building and its surroundings was born.

The game was built on top of the Phaser game development framework, multi-player is powered by a custom Node.js server, and original controls (the ones used at the hackathon) were built with Makey Makey.

We have a lot more, but these we wanted to show you.

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