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The game based on the short story of Franz Kafka


A bit more than a century ago, a guy woke up one morning, and found himself turned into a horrible little insect. This was Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis, a short story with a long term effect on our cultural history, first published in 1915.

Fast forward a hundred years, and our culture is still locked inside Gregor Samsa's insectlike body and struggling pointlessly towards an unavoidable but unhappy ending. We decided to celebrate this centenary with something as unprecedented and as unpleasant as Kafka's impact on the history of literature.

A game about Kafka’s Metamorphosis? From a short story that starts out horrendously, continuous by omitting all hope, and finishes in pure horror? Of course! Who says a game cannot be dark and gloomy?

We have a lot more, but these we wanted to show you.

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