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Internal Developments

Special products for special needs, developments by us and for us

Internal Developments

As a digitally focused agency we use a lot of tools of the trade, like Hangouts and Slack for communication, Gmail for emails, Photoshop and Sketch for crafting designs, Keynote for creating presentations, Jira and Basecamp for project and issue handling, and all that. Besides that we also need a lot of other and different tools to keep the company running and all the background processes in place, and we had a lot of special needs and requests. That is why we decided at some point to ditch our limited solutions of the time and not move to some enterprise grade, SAP-like mega product but rather develop our own software tailored for us.

Today we have our own ecosystem of in-house products to keep the company up and running. We have our own timesheeting solution, a software to handle every project's lifespan from offer to invoicing, reporting for our account and project managers, personnel records for our HR team, and so on. We also have a bunch of fun apps like a quiz of all the people to help newcomers learn the names quickly, an interactive map of our office, a map of all the good food places around, a timeline of our history and moments together, and a nice dashboard to have all the most important information in one place in a personalized way.

We are aware and conscious about the fact that developing own products instead of adopting an existing enterprise-level solution is by no means a cheaper way to go. But we believe that tailoring everything to our needs is worth the effort and the investment. And we also think that we have this whole bunch of bright minds with the potential to create the best-in-class software so why not use that and have the best there is to have.

We have a lot more, but these we wanted to show you.

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