RCS Business Messages (RBM)

RCS Business Messages (RBM)

RCS Business Messages (RBM)

RCS Business Messages (RBM)

We have partnered with Google to bring you the new standard for mobile messaging.

Be part of the RCS revolution


86% of mobile devices will be RCS compatible by 2020


Companies will have sent 2.7bn messages by 2022


Mobile messaging market will be valued at an estimated $74bn by 2021

Data source: GSMA


Image courtesy of Google

Turn every message into an enriching conversation

RCS business messaging upgrades the most popular communications channel in the world - SMS. Welcome to the new era of text messaging.

Send interactive & personalized messages to your customers with tailored call to action messages like reservation confirmation & purchase right to their SMS inbox.

Registered & verified sender

Brand logo makes your brand easily recognizable and thanks to Verified Sender your customers trust you right from the get-go, making initial engagement easier.

Phone numbers

Only a phone number is required to contact your customers. This makes transition from SMS even easier.

Rich messages

Express yourself freely - using pictures, audio, video & suggested replies, CTAs - to create an exclusive customer experience.

An app-like experience

Pack your messages full of interactive functions & send them straight to customers pre-installed inbox - no downloads required.

MMS/SMS fallback

When customers phones or networks don’t support business RCS messaging, we automatically fall-back to SMS and/or Web Chat channels. Making sure your message always gets across.

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  • Send notifications and updates
  • Send personalized marketing messages, promotions: https://jibe.google.com/case-studies/subway/
  • Give customer support- connect RBM to your helpdesk or chatbot
  • Sales reminders, cross-selling, up-selling.

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