Rebranding in the dark

Is it possible, to deliver an entire brand launch campaign from a Budapest office to oversea locations without an excessive budget? We think it is.


What was our task?

Support the rebranding by raising brand awareness in the United States amongst automotive DIYers and car enthusiasts.

How did we do it?

Audience discovery

The main focus of the campaign was B2C end-users whom we targeted based on audience and interest topics.We also used contextual targeting that was built on our extensive research. In a B2B effort, we targeted car parts and accessories stores hyperlocally in a 100m radius based on their GPS coordinates.

Videos everywhere

To better deliver an immersive image messaging we used engaging video formats in addition to traditional banners. Pre-roll ads on YouTube and in-banner video ads via programmatic platforms were delivered in a highly targeted way to our audience.

Premium inventory

Quality channels matter the most, that is why we chose to reach our DIYers where they turn to for inspiration and credible know-how. We used PowerNation TV, America’s most watched automotive how-to program and made a Private Marketplace deal on CarGurus.com ensuring high visibility and share of voice for our brand.

More than 3.000 banner variants

In order to maximize the clickthrough rate and find the optimal creative versions, we used a dynamic banner generator tool and created a vast number of banner-variants in an automated and cost-effective way that were thus rotated in the campaign.

Not only online!

Targeted DOOH - Big screens for high impact

Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home (pDOOH) is OOH powered up with AdTech – geofencing, tracking, retargeting, personalizing, attribution and measurement. We used ClearChannel’s roadside bulletin inventory: In the first phase of the campaign eye-catching billboard ads were placed alongside highways near our prioritised locations: in the city and areas of New York, Philadelphia, Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta and Chicago. Then in the second phase we boosted our message nationwide.

How was this campaign special?

Operating in the dark, literally

Our ads for automotive lighting appeared on the billboards only after sunset, creating more relevancy to the products and spicing up the campaign through leveraging time-based placement.

Without boundaries

Our programmatic Out-of-Home technology makes it easy to deploy and manage DOOH campaigns in real-time in any target country with just a click of a mouse.

Being reactive to COVID-19

Due to the curfews and lockdowns we had to revise the geographic targeting of outdoor advertising continuously. That’s why we suspended New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. regions earlier than expected and added more locations to reach as many people as possible.

How did we perform?

Our results


1,4 million billboard impressions

with a reach of 37 million passengers


3 million video impressions

in programmatic
and on YouTube


4,9 million display banner impressions

with a 65%+ viewability rate


67% increase

in brand search volume (YoY)

“In North America, we’re starting from practically zero brand awareness. This campaign has been instrumental as we begin this journey to show the public what Tungsram is all about.”

Richard Bar
National Account Manager – Tungsram Automotive

“This campaign has been a really great example of teamwork between our North American and Hungarian teams. Our digital agency, Mito - working closely with our experienced digital marketing specialist - played an outstanding role in making this campaign very successful, they have provided enormous support to us.”

Erzsébet Imre
Commercial Marketing Leader – Tungsram Lighting

“It was a great challenge to make the brand transition between GE and Tungsram and raise brand awareness in North America where Tungsram is not a well-known brand like it is in Hungary. I am really delighted that we had a chance to use innovative ad forms in this campaign.”

Dániel Lakatos
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist – Tungsram Lighting

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Emese Bódi

Mesi is searching for minds and souls, loves a good CV and to chat with new people. Go ahead and find out!

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