Proper Mobile App Measurement

App Tracking from Planning to Reporting


Where Do Users Come From?

How do people find your app? Are they continuously using it after downloading?


Is Your App Sticky?

How do people find your app? Are they continuously using it after downloading?


How Does My App Impact the Bottom Line?

How do people find your app? Are they continuously using it after downloading?

Mobile applications completely differ from websites. App measurement or app analytics requires different methodologies and indicators.

Measurement planning

Define business goals

Define KPIs and tools

Develop a measurement strategy and plan

What are the required steps?

Define business goals

What is the primary goal of the app?

  • Increase sales profitability
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Increase market share

Define KPIs

Defining the strategy and mobile app KPIs is necessary to achieve your business goals (e.g. increasing sales, reducing basket abandonment rate, etc.). This will serve as a basis for mobile app analytics.


@Performance by PAX type:

Purchase behavior when there is a single pax on the PNR

Purchase behavior when there are multiple pax on the PNR

Purchase behavior of families

Purchase behavior of loyalty members

Purchase behavior of credit card holders

% of bookings that make up the classifications above

Measurement strategy

Without a measurement strategy, our purpose and its connection to our business goals would be unclear, moreover, the mobile app tracking would be inconclusive.

Measurement planning

Phase 1

USER STORIES (for each feature):
expectations from the client and defining goals.

First point at which the Analytics Team shows the possible challenges or problems to solve.

Phase 2

first visualization of user experience, developing the basic structure of the screens.

Analytics Team may explore conversion funnels, navigation, function buttons or CTAs.

Phase 3

the Analytics Team clearly defines what, where and under what conditions we should measure in order to track the business goals and KPIs.

For each screen, we define the event names, their parameters and possible values, as well as the interactions which should trigger the given event.

Implementation, maintenance

How can we make sure everything works as planned and the measurement plan remains sustainable?

  • We should build up a reporting system to follow the app KPIs (e.g. custom dashboards)
  • Business needs and the technical environment may change over time, and the measurement plan needs to adapt to these changes
  • A measurement plan is a key element in tracking the success of your business strategy. Keep your data up to date.

Define business goals

Goal: performance and stability

  • Develop a testing strategy
  • Ideally, start testing from the development phase
  • Make sure to do a final testing before release
  • Monitor network traffic

What are the benefits?


We can make responsible business decisions based on accurate and segmented data.


With good mobile app tracking, we will know our app audienceand their behavior.


We can even compare the performance of different devices (e.g. app + web properties)


We can export accurate conversion data and segmented remarketing audiences.


It’s a completely event based measurement, use it for personalization, optimization, and troubleshooting.

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