Online Marketing Intern

If you would like to start your career in online marketing and gain hands-on experience in SEO, Analytics, CRO, PPC, Programmatic, and paid media projects under the wings of our experts, your place is here. Keep on reading!

Mito has grown from 3 guys, averaging an age of 27, to 10+ teams, with just over 200 people dreaming up clever things every single day (sometimes including weekends). We provide our services in four business units, ranging from brand strategy all the way to digital development. At Mito Performance we improve our clients’ digital performance and increase online sales using a wide variety of data-driven solutions such as PPC, direct media, programmatic, analytics, CRO and SEO, working with brands like Nokia, Wizz Air, Decathlon, Cetelem or Share Now.

And we are not looking for an intern because we’re too busy brewing our own coffee. We are on the lookout for someone who wants to start building a career in online marketing. Someone who can help us out with a wide variety of skills, and gets to participate in real projects with real impact on real brands. So if you’ll give us half a year’s worth of your talent and enthusiasm starting from January 2023, we’ll give you access to knowledge and challenges, and some other cool things in return. Sounds like a good deal?

What’s all this about?

It’s 6 months of understanding what agency life is all about.


It’s an opportunity to learn how a performance project works at an agency: for example how we plan and manage complex global media campaigns, how we measure the users’ behaviour during online shopping or how SEO can help in brand reputation.

What do we expect?

You should be currently enrolled in college studying communications or economics or business management or a related field such as advertising. Maybe all of them, if you’re not a big fan of sleeping.

Please be available to work 30-40 hours per week.

Advanced Excel or Google Sheets proficiency. If formulas scare the hell out of you, now is the time to say so (Mito Creative might welcome you with open arms).

Pro-activity and a passion for learning.

Fluent Hungarian and English. Speaking, listening, reading, writing, preferably even dreaming.

Strong interest in digital marketing and attention to detalis.

Have you noticed the typo? Excellent!

Quick learning skills for new technical and data-driven tools, and an analytical mindset.

What are you going to do?

Contributing to the work of our professional teams, like

PPC or programmatic campaign setup, copywriting and management.

Media collaboration execution with international and local websites (such as Forbes Global).

Keyword research, meta text writing and reporting just to mention a few – all in all giving a helping hand to the SEO team.


Reports and dashboards: measurement monitoring, analysis of incoming data, lessons / conclusions / suggestions / anything that ends with “ons”.

General administration tasks. That might sound boring, and it is. But it’s crucial for the success of a projects.

What do we offer?

A real understanding of things:

30 – 40 weekly working hours / week with flexible working hours according to your studies or your partying habits.

A fair salary. We know you’re going to give your best, and we will honor that not just with kind words.

A client pool with the most ambitious brands and great opportunities. Your work will matter not just for you, but also for your team and your clients, from Nokia to ShareNow.

Full time Mito-ship: nobody will treat you like an intern, you’ll be part of the team and that’s that.

We’ll guide and train you constantly so you won’t feel left behind at any time.

We can’t guarantee anything once the 6 months pass, but if you’re really good and we can work something out, then we’ll definitely work something out.


How do you apply?

You can apply with a CV and a short presentation in Hungarian or in English.

In your presentation please answer the following: imagine you’re working in an agency’s performance team. You are responsible for your favourite brand and of course you want to dazzle the client. Your task is to collect ideas on how you would improve the brand’s online presence (paid and organic) over the next 12 months. Money is no object.

You are free to include content and influencer marketing ideas but please focus on the performance areas (your cheat sheet is the position description).

Here are some questions to help you with brainstorming: Based on what are you able to decide the success of your suggestions outcomes? What is the measure of success? What tools would you use? Do not forget to explain your ideas in the presentation.

Please use Google Slides for your presentation and insert the link in your CV, so we can access it. We’d urge you to check the permissions, but you’ll do it anyway because of your attention to details, right?

Max. 20 slides (the number of slides does not determine a good presentation, so feel free to submit a shorter one, but please do not exceed the 20 slides).

The deadline for submitting your application is: 7 December 2022.

What does the selection process look like?

First, we will review your CV and the presentation you prepared. In the course of December we will invite the best candidates to a (Zoom) interview, where they can meet their future team and tell us more about themselves.

After the interview we will let you know what we think about your application and presentation(s). No matter the outcome, we’ll give you detailed feedback.

Within two weeks after the interview, we will come back to you with a final decision, hopefully with a big and happy yes!

Online Marketing Intern