Digitalizing MOL?
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We like reinventing services. And MOL is in the middle of an exciting transformation, so we teamed up to add value to their existing services with conversational tech.


Developing a chatbot integrated with MOL service stations’ data.

Recently MOL Group has developed a new, so-called ‘MOL Group 2030 – Enter Tomorrow Strategy’ that has been communicated towards the Capital Market in November 2016. As part of the strategy, Consumer Services developed one of the most ambitious digitalization strategies in CEE. This strategy defines how MOL Group aims to digitalize interactions with its customers to drastically improve the level of convenience and personalization.

As part of this digitalization, we were selected to work out and pilot a chatbot as a solution, aiming to get closer to MOL’s customers and support their strategy.


Introduce the pilot in just a couple of months.

MOL wanted a group-wide, centralised solution for the Chatbot, which included an engine, professional team support, content management and analytics solution. This means that implementation, integration, and operations needed to be solved by us. With this aim in Phase 1, we worked together to launch the Chatbot on Facebook Messenger platform in Hungary within just a couple of months.

Functionalities we covered:

Experience finder (Station Finder) integration with MOL’s backend system

Coupon distribution and redemption

LIMO (car sharing service) FAQ

Live chat with a customer service agent

We also made room for customer feedback on the available services.

We also know that personality in conversation counts, so beyond these functionalities, we also created the bot’s personality. That’s how Molli was born.


Customers can turn to Molli for resolving any kind of issues beyond the basic features, wherever they are on the go. And what’s more, it reacts to emojis and other things. Give it a try yourself!
It is only the beginning of the journey, other features are soon to come in 2019.


“Acting upon our digital strategy we need to take a step forward to give our customers a real omnichannel experience. We selected Mito, because they had that professional approach that we needed to create a chatbot solution that fits into our strategy. Mito is knowledgeable about digital conversational commerce trends and also can help us figure out the best use-cases for messaging. We think, that with conversational tech we are able to help customers solve problems and at the same time increase productivity. The project is a continuous endeavor and we move forward in building new features together.”

Dániel Békési
Retail Manager – MOL Group