How did we make a Mark Ronson gig even more exceptional?

By making the entry itself exceptional.

our challenge

How did we succeed at this challenge? By challenging the audience.

We had to come up with a way to provide people an opportunity to win tickets to Mark’s first concert in Budapest – sponsored by Miller – while making it so much more than a simple prize draw mechanism.

THE mechanism

The means of getting in:

  • Find a code hidden in a Mark Ronson video
  • Look for codes in influencer videos on Instagram
  • Browse through a Facebook comment section to stumble upon a code

We developed a chatbot serving as the exclusive entrance to the party of a lifetime. And when did this entrance open? Whenever it was Miller time!

THE mechanism

Word got out, people swarmed in, codes were found.

And uploaded through our chatbot that rewarded those who were the fastest. Or in other words: the most hellbent on experiencing Mark Ronson live.