From conversation to conversion

From conversation to conversion

From conversation to conversion

With Mitobot you can quickly and simply create personalized conversational experiences for your customers.

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Turn every message into an enriching conversation

RCS business messaging upgrades the most popular communications channel in the world - SMS. Welcome to the new era of text messaging.

Send interactive & personalized messages to your customers with tailored call to action messages like reservation confirmation & purchase right to their SMS inbox.

We are Google RBM partners

RCS (Rich Communication Services) upgrades SMS messaging with enhanced features to deliver a modern, real-time, branded messaging experience. Mito has joined Google RBM Early Access Partner program to bring RCS capabilities to our platform and bots. Through the Mitobot platform, RCS enables the delivery of enhanced business messaging to any Android mobile device, helping software makers power richer and more engaging conversations between businesses and their customers.

How it works?


Easily build chatbots on your own, without coding knowledge. We try our best to make it as simple as possible to build, manage, optimize and track your bot performances.


How can we help your business?

Customer care and marketing experiences

Finding the best use-cases for your business and deploying easily.


Finding what is worth sharing and resonates with your audience delivered in the most suitable way.

Lead acquisition and classification

Conversations create better conversions. And what is better, it makes lead qualification less painful.

Brand awareness

Crafting strategies for brand distinction and awareness within the messaging platform environment.

Go to market strategy

Considering all the important aspects of launching a new channel.


Collecting the knowledge for value-added conversations.

Built for the Enterprises

It is built upon a microservice architecture that supports easy integration with related services like live chat, NLP or CRM to name a few.

Built on the edge

We have built this engine from ground-up, with the most recent technologies and software available.
Our service is built on a flexible microservice architecture, providing a lightning fast backend enabled by the GO language.
We regularly release new functions several times a year.

Security and Data protection

Your data is important. Our platform leverages the latest in security technology to ensure that your information is secure and GDPR compliant.

Best in class response times and service guarantee

Our team is committed to ensure that your service is never interrupted. We guarantee 99.95% uptime and maintenance of your data.

Never stopping

Our team is continually updating our platform with the latest features in conversational marketing. These tools are also available at your disposal as a client. You only have to focus on building a great user experience while we ensure hosting, integrations, and security.

Dedicated technical and business consulting team

Our team is available to our clients discussing custom integrations, unique implementations, and business need. We can easily become part of your team with full or part-time dedication.

Full or Self-service Business Models

No matter what type of cooperation you choose we are flexible to adapt. You can use our bot in full self-service mode or you can also rely on us in a full scope custom-made developments, where we can help you with covering end-to-end solutions form business strategy to deployment.

Creative production and flow design

We also can help you out in designing and building these bots based on our strong domain knowledge and the expertise of our cross-functional teams.

Powerful and highly customizable analytics

We are specialized in chatbot analytics and put special focus on understanding conversations in-depth. Beside using 3rd party tools such as Dashbot or Chatbase we also use Elasticsearch for logging all interactions within our service. We build and track user journeys based on the conversations so as to use analytics to its fullest potential.

Multiple hosting options

Mitobot can be deployed on our customer’s infrastructure or in private cloud.


Mitobot is based on a microservice architecture making it possible to integrate 3rd party systems and tools easily through API-s.

Omnichannel capabilities

We support RCS, Facebook Messenger and further platforms like Viber, WhatsApp, live chat can also be easily deployed through our platform. Website integration is coming soon.

NLP support

The capability to understand our user’s intent. We are open to select and utilize the right NLP tools dedicated for a project. We are experienced in training and DialogFlow but are open to link to any other solutions upon request.

We are Microsoft AppSource Partners

With our microservice architecture we are flexible to integrate with a wide range of infrastructures and systems. That is what we have achieved with Microsoft Azure and we have become a trusted Microsoft partner with our Mitobot omnichannel conversational platform.


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VP of Mito Next

VP of Mito Next
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+36 30 338 0655

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Product Owner

Product Owner
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+36 20 535 9003