Mito Yearly 2020

Stuff that blew our minds

2020 ran through us like a freight train. There’ll be a lot to forget from this year, but lots to remember too – and to make the latter easier, we’ve rounded up the articles, thoughts, URLs and QR codes that captured our attention the most (okay, not QR codes). As for forgetting, we’ll do that together when we no longer have to be home by 8 PM.

Check out the best of Mito Weekly, our in-house mind-blowing topics and time out recommendations for this year!

Mito Weekly

We’ve scraped together more than 260 weeklys so far – not all of them this year, of course.

These always include our favourite news of the week; and we’ll start the roundup by sharing the shortlist of our shortlist with you.


Things we needed badly in 2020: funny ads during the depressing pandemic; a limited fashion line from Aldi to dress up for the only place you are allowed to visit in the middle of the curfew: Aldi; and totally valid excuses to take a well-deserved break from video calls.


Covid or not, what most engaged our readers out of all the content curated by our strategic planners was the world of Hungarian tiktokkers, the rebranding of Planet Earth and a compilation of small-budget campaigns that still managed to pack a punch.

Graphic Design

Obviously the mask topic couldn’t be avoided this year, especially when it’s about alternatives. Also there were two really small-scale, mundane, everyday branding projects regarding the Olympics in LA and oh, a mission to MARS. Bucket list-worthy you say?

UX Design

‘Tis the season for self-reflection, so let’s see how far we’ve come from the dark ages of the web into the social media era with its new challenges and issues that we designers caused – or did we? So if you want be in the frontline of changing the social platforms, here are a few tips. If you would rather work(shop) hard despite the Year of Home Office, check out this guide.

Business and Technology

In 2020 we were into many aspects of design. Among those we were thrilled by are gamification methods that really keep users in the flow, then we were amazed by design tips for presentations, and finally understood how not to rush towards a solution, instead of asking the right questions first.


2020. A year, when both lead generation examples and Google Sheets templates can make data lovers happy, while we are trying to get to know the unknown traffic in Google Analytics.


This year was more about ad performance than any year before. PPC advertisers have been seeking places they can still visit without wearing a mask – and advice for creating successful creatives on TikTok, Facebook and Google Ads.


2020 made many businesses rethink their online strategy – including content creation. We’ve seen how important quality content is, no matter how you need to adapt. This collection of the 45 best free SEO tools could also help businesses improve their organic traffic, covering all the different areas of SEO. Not to mention the 7 selected WordPress plugins to use for blogs.


In a year riddled with market updates and overshadowed by a pandemic, we still fell in love with rock-solid ad-blocking techniques and an OOH campaign without branding. Moments of joy while we brace ourselves for the post-cookie apocalypse.


A year when we had the time to broaden the horizon of our knowledge and look into the fundamentals of how we communicate with one another, but at the end of the year we still want a shiny new tool to give us hope for 2021.

Why wait 365 days for the next dose of clever things when you can get it in a week?

Mind-blowing conversations

One of the incubators of Mito Weekly is an in-house chat group which our colleagues use to deliver interesting / exciting / WTF links about anything and everything, in real time. Here we’ve collected those that engrossed us most this year.

Things that made us go hmmmm...

Current affairs that got on our radar

  • We weighed in at both the blue and the red corner of social media.
  • We celebrated when FB creatives got rid of their shackles; many of us busted out some champagne.
  • And we also ruminated about the possible problems facing the Corona brand this year, which brought up an Ayds commercial  from a few decades ago.

Traditions we couldn’t let go

Topics that just needed a team effort

Timeout every weekend

But it wasn’t only work-related stuff that we kept hyping or that kept us hyped. Using Instagram Stories, this year we started to collect the stuff we like to pass the time with after our closing drinks on Friday. Retro and current games, crafting classes, hiking routes, fermenting and of course The Queen’s Gambit might all appear here from week to week.

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