Life at Mito Group

We like to say that the only thing we take seriously is work. Well, to be able to see the world through this lens we need our special little occasions when we can just be silly. This is what we like to call Mito Life.

Back in the day this meant that we had a couple of drinks together after work. Every day. As we started to experiment with a bit more sophisticated events the number of occasions just grew and grew, but they had one thing in common: the more irregular the better. Hopefully creating a world both wonderful and strange(tm).
One of our important traditions is to gather all the year’s footage and create a video to show all the crazy, exciting and inspiring things that happend to us that year. Then watch it together in a cinema during Mito Show. You’ll soon find out what that is.

A taste of life at Mito

We’ve gathered a couple of our signature rituals, feasts or competitons so you can get an idea what spending days at Mito is like.

Mito Nites

Every two months we gather for a couple of drinks with activities centered around a topic. Let that be a Quiz Nite, Harry Potter, Fake News or Rockers VS Skaters – it’s always a long night of fun and competition.

Summer trip

Our biggest and most important annual event. Everyone packs their things and we head out into the countryside for a full day filled with games, splashes, drinks and of course music.

Movie clubs

A monthly happening with popcorn, a little education and never a blockbuster. Everyone who stays ’til the end can suggest the next movie, which is then selected randomly.

Office Hack Day

A day when everyone tries to become proficient in DIY as we pimp and decorate our office space. Read more about it.

The Mitolympics

Originally a joke which is now a joke with huge infrastructure and purpose. We celebrate the last workday of the year with a custom 12-game olympics which is a perfect warm-up for our XMAS party. Have you ever tried solving a puzzle while blindfolded? With your feet?

Wine and dine

Of course many of our events revolve around food. We like to eat and cook as well, but clearly prefer eating. We have had Fermentation Festivals, charity bake-offs, Hot Ones competitions and we don’t intend to stop with the strange flavors and calories.


One of our longest running traditons where teams have to create some kind of working product in 24 hours. Hopefully in a way that stays on-brief.

Gaming, any kind

It’s not just the physical stuff that keeps us going: saturday LAN parties, tabletop games, our yearly chess competition offers challenge for our minds and reflexes. GL HF!

Sports and Agency Kickoff

We have various team sports that are supported by Mito: football, basketball, volleyball. We’ve entered running competitions as well in the past, we have yoga in the office and we are the proud organizers of Agency Kickoff.

Mito Show & Mito Talks

Every 3 months we showcase what we’ve worked on or inspire each other related to a given topic. A cinema filled with silly people and a canvas filled with interesting ideas and experiences.

Clothing Swap Market

Why buy new when you can trade? Our clothing fair started as a funny idea and became a tradition in rapid success.


Inviting guests for interesting talks related to our industry. Creative directors, musicians, screenwriters, you name it. We love learning about other clever things.

Lunch Log

Monthly lunchtime knowledge booster where we dive into topics like ads, emerging tech solutions and ad tech novelties over our takeout boxes. Besides rotating topics, guest speakers and ad face-offs bring variety to these sessions.

The Little Ones

Can children come into our office!? Not that they can, but they should! We like to host little celebrations for them come XMAS or children’s day and we also have a mini summer camp for them.

Joint breakfasts

A habit of ours that transformed a lot since its beginnings: it started out as early morning get togethers featuring unhealthy but delicious Hungarian dishes, but last time it was all about PB&J.
There’s always something going on and there should be. We’ve also found out that playing tic-tac-toe and table tennis in parallel can be quite challenging. Just a regular day at the Mitolympics. Check out our IG feed for a sneak peek into our lives.