Frontend (Javascript) Developer

We like creating clever things: apps, websites and other complex, digital solutions for customers such as Deutsche Telekom, Wizzair, OTP, and many others. We are super proud of the things we pull together and have fun while doing it.

Our team of 8 is looking for an extra: we would like to boost our numbers with a hardcore frontend developer. Your job will be to implement business logics and related tasks. The team members are dedicated onto specific tasks: integration, sitebuild, just to name a few tasks. If you are a pro at component-based JS development and would like to work on one of the brightest color-schemed website in Hungary, then we are definitely interested in talking to you.

We need you to have:

  • Javascript knowledge. We know its pretty broad, so let's make it a bit more specific: be really into ES6, and when you hear the word "library", don't just associate it with jQuery.
  • Are you comfortable with frameworks? We would love to learn more about your experience on this topic. We use vue.js .
  • We use Webpack daily therefore we would like you to be comfortable with it as well right on the first day.
  • Unit tests? Mocha, chai? I know you know what I'm talking about.
  • We will need your expertise on REST APIs.
  • Since we work for clients, it might happen that requirements change, therefore we need to follow-up on requests really quick: be ready for this. You won't be bored, we promise.
  • Basic knowledge of regex.

What you don't need to touch:

  • Sitebuild and graphic design stuff.

What you get in return

A nice and cozy office downtown and a bunch of international projects to work on with people whose mission is to give only good things out of their hands. The only thing we take seriously is our work and we are proud of this: we party, play Fifa, and do a bunch of other stuff besides that.

We support your growth with in-house workshops, Mito academies, conferences, English classes, hackathons: you name it. We got you covered.

If we are not drinking, we are living healthy. We got yummy fruit days, runners’ club, weekly massages and yoga classes, coffee (!!), and the best part of it all: Medicover for the ouchies.

We work best if we feel good while doing it, therefore we want you too to feel chill and welcomed, just like at home. And your dog as well. And your bike. And your ferrets, too. Bring all of them!

Zsófi Kiss

“Sounds sweet, but I have a bunch of questions.”

Good news: ping Zsófi who will answer you ASAP.


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About us

We only take one thing seriously.
Our job.

We adore hanging out. We love to get stuck in front of our PlayStation, at the end of the day. We’re proud about not remembering the last time we wore a suit. But what really glues us together is loving what we do.

Websites, mobile apps, product development, integrated campaigns. We’ve sought and found challenges in many things, while we grew up to be one of the biggest agencies of Hungary.