Digital Project Manager

We like creating clever things: apps, websites and other complex, digital solutions for customers such as Deutsche Telekom and its national companies, OTP Bank, Wizzair, NN and many others. We are super proud of the things we pull together and have fun while doing it: this is true to Mito’s Client Services division who would like to round up their numbers to 30.

Do you like exploring business needs? Are you comfortable with discussing anything and everything with the client as well as the project team? Do you think there should be more questions up here to fulfill your thirst for information? Since you have come this far, keep reading, it will be fun!

Your tasks will be:

  • Understanding, gathering information of, and mapping out client business needs for project kick-off: use anything and everything you and your team have to get things rolling.
  • Overseeing complex process flows: you will need to be ready to reign and handle multiple threads, process several pieces of information from various sources, and also have lunch at the same time to make it to the next day.
  • Initiating discussions with clients as well as internal teams to make sure everyone is on the same track and there are no misunderstandings between various project storylines.
  • Being the gentle but firm helping hand by guiding clients and colleagues towards the right directions for the project.
  • Pumping up efficiency by working your magic: it will be your and your team’s job to find and develop whatever ideas and tools you (or your client!) need to work with to fit our customers’ needs and make them smile.
  • Becoming a leader and mentor to other team members as well as the client.
  • Asking questions. A lot of them. All the time. Just keep asking.

We need you to have:

  • About 3 years of experience in a digital consultancy / project manager / business analyst role (you don’t have to come from an agency background).
  • Good English skills both in speaking and writing: you will need it quite often.
  • An understanding of both agency and client sides and needs, which can be really complex, but you have to have the strategic mindset and skillset to oversee and solve these situations.
  • A good grasp of what it means to be a consultant and a project manager at the same time.
  • A cool head and common sense. Ask questions freely and clearly, but also keep your project and clients on the right track: always have the big picture ahead of you.
  • A familiarity with buzzwords like these: omni-channel approach, service design, customer journey mapping, UX, content strategy, marketing automation, and data science.

What you get in return

A nice and cozy office downtown and a bunch of international projects to work on with people whose mission is to give only good things out of their hands. The only thing we take seriously is our work and we are proud of this: we party, play Fifa, and do a bunch of other stuff besides that.

We support your growth with in-house workshops, Mito academies, conferences, English classes, hackathons: you name it. We got you covered.

If we are not drinking, we are living healthy. We got yummy fruit days, runners’ club, weekly massages and yoga classes, coffee (!!), and the best part of it all: Medicover for the ouchies.

We work best if we feel good while doing it, therefore we want you too to feel chill and welcomed, just like at home. And your dog as well. And your bike. And your ferrets, too. Bring all of them!

Orsolya Urbán

“Sounds sweet, but I have a bunch of questions.”

Good news: ping Orsi who will answer you ASAP.


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About us

We only take one thing seriously.
Our job.

We adore hanging out. We love to get stuck in front of our PlayStation, at the end of the day. We’re proud about not remembering the last time we wore a suit. But what really glues us together is loving what we do.

Websites, mobile apps, product development, integrated campaigns. We’ve sought and found challenges in many things, while we grew up to be one of the biggest agencies of Hungary.