Senior Designer

Twenty is a very nice number: it is the number of moves one needs to optimally solve a Rubik's Cube in the worst case. However, since we are Graphic Designers and not super geeks, we feel like we should kick up our numbers to 21 (which also has some very exciting mathematical properties!). Are you going to be the 21st GFX team member? Let's find out!

Your tasks will be...

  • Participating in campaigns big and small: whether it is to create a nice key visual or to go through an entire campaign with a small team starting from the first concept to the final.psd ... We got it all.
  • Cooperating with our amazing UX and development teams: we design and create big websites, mobile apps and other digital interfaces, therefore you will have the opportunity to make friends from different teams very soon.
  • In summary: digital and print tasks, working in a team, and the ability to present your work, if such need comes up.

We would like you to have...

  • An elevated blood pressure: did we get you excited?
  • At least 3 years of related work experience.
  • A steady English knowledge.
  • Passion and enthusiasm for what you do: whether it's a brand new challenge or something you've done before, it doesn't matter, as long as you love your work (and don't worry: we will help you develop your skills with the help of our own in-house trainings).
  • A portfolio that contains your best website development and print works. Don't forget to send it to us!

What you will get in return are...

  • Strong client portfolios, big projects and a bunch of things you can be very proud of.
  • Laughs and giggles all year round: GFX beer nights, hikes, you name it.
  • Tickets to courses and conferences as well as a front row seat to our very own GFX Show during which we explain to each other what we worked on this past month and what we learned as well.
  • Even more front row seats! You will have this privilege at Mito Academies, Mito Nites, and all the good stuff you will be part of once you become a Mito member.
  • Sports! We LOVE sports. Period.

What you get in return

A nice and cozy office downtown and a bunch of international projects to work on with people whose mission is to give only good things out of their hands. The only thing we take seriously is our work and we are proud of this: we party, play Fifa, and do a bunch of other stuff besides that.

We support your growth with in-house workshops, Mito academies, conferences, English classes, hackathons: you name it. We got you covered.

If we are not drinking, we are living healthy. We got yummy fruit days, runners’ club, weekly massages and yoga classes, coffee (!!), and the best part of it all: Medicover for the ouchies.

We work best if we feel good while doing it, therefore we want you too to feel chill and welcomed, just like at home. And your dog as well. And your bike. And your ferrets, too. Bring all of them!

Orsolya Urbán

“Sounds sweet, but I have a bunch of questions.”

Good news: ping Orsi who will answer you ASAP.


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About us

We only take one thing seriously.
Our job.

We adore hanging out. We love to get stuck in front of our PlayStation, at the end of the day. We’re proud about not remembering the last time we wore a suit. But what really glues us together is loving what we do.

Websites, mobile apps, product development, integrated campaigns. We’ve sought and found challenges in many things, while we grew up to be one of the biggest agencies of Hungary.