Turning Your Customers into Support Agents

A special case of combining customer engagement with self-care capability.

The story

We built a community platform effectively lowering Call Center traffic

Customers were encouraged to ask and answer questions about offerings, systems and any relevant topics. This paltform also offered additional benefits: a searchable knowledge base, and a tool to boost customer engagement via strengthening the community around the brand.


The additional complexity of community platforms spanning from moderation to gamification.

An engine was needed that could effectively handle the management tasks of the community, while simultaneously allowing them to receive assistance from each other.


We turned a lightweigth community platform engine into a solution that met all the needs of our client.

Gamification was a key element in boosting customer engagement. Helpful users were given special badges and titles, which made them stand out from the community. They became advisors of specific topics while being a customer, and not an employee.

THE Result

The switch from the legacy platform lowered the maintenance and lincense fees by 90%.

The platform has been active for 3 years in multiple local companies of our client. It has become an integral part of the customer service ecosystem within these organizations.