Partnering Google and Deutsche Telekom in RCS Business Messaging

A successful story about one of the many innovative collaborations we have with our global partners and international clients.

The story

Mito was among the first to integrate Google’s RCS with their conversational platform

We were selected for the Early Access program of Google’s RBM at the end of 2017. We created an integration with our Mitobot messaging platform for our client Deutsche Telekom. The solution was demoed on the Mobile World Congress in 2018.


The integration had to be delivered with an actively developed messaging platform, preceeding its public release

Due to the challenging deadline of the MWC, the integration and the demo had to be prepared in less than a month’s time. This had to be done in close cooperation between the three parties involved.

We are Google RBM partners

RCS (Rich Communication Services) upgrades SMS messaging with enhanced features to deliver a modern, real-time, branded messaging experience. Mito has joined Google RBM Early Access Partner program to bring RCS capabilities to our platform and bots. Through the Mitobot platform, RCS enables the delivery of enhanced business messaging to any Android mobile device, helping software makers power richer and more engaging conversations between businesses and their customers.


The demo was a prototype of a Customer Service Bot handling typical interactions of Deutsche Telekom customers

Our Mitobot platform is based on microservice architecture, enabling easy integration with 3rd party services. We made agile iterations in preparation for the MWC.

THE Result

A successful demo was presented at the MWC 2018, as also reported by GSMA

Our Mitobot conversational platform is a plug-and-play solution for transformation projects aiming to discover and to introduce new digital capabilities.