Omnichannel Customer Steering

Customers are facing an increasingly complex ecosystem throughout their customer journeys. Steering them to the most valuable channel is a key differentiator.

The story

The right channel, the right experience

We managed to map and identify critical, high impact customer journeys across the channels based on analytical data. Custom designed solutions that enabled our telco customer to achieve meaningful results in just under 12 weeks.


Customers being in the wrong channel generate unnecessary cost and raise churn

Customers face a multi-channel environment when they subscribe and use telecommunication services. Major benefits are achieved if one manages to turn this into an omni-channel experience.


Complex data extraction and analysis were conducted for selected critical journeys

Focusing on sales and care services, we qualified every channel’s traffic, then identified leakages and root causes through data analysis. Segmentation and persona creation were used during the design process to differentiate between customer groups.

THE Result

Straightforward 12-week-long action plans for high impact improvements and corrective measures

Heuristic analysis and the hard data clearly showed critical points within the processes where customers churned or bounced off. Specific solutions were designed that included procedural changes, and explicit recommendations on the user experience of the web/mobile channels.