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Forces Shaping Telco CX in 2020

Our most important takeaways from CEMGlobal London

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A best practice with Can$12 million saved in OPEX

Access technologies are commoditising, CX and Brand are left to differentiate for telcos

“You step out from the train station in pouring rain. There are a bunch of cabs lining up at the pickup point, but you pull your phone, call an Uber, and wait around till it arrives.”

But why? Because the customer experience you get from Uber is superior. People want fast, cheap, convenient, customized and high quality experiences. Serve your customers with the right mix to develop a strong emotional bond with your brand.

Behavioural science can help you elevate sales figures by as much as 20%

Human decisions are driven about 80% by the unconscious – says behavioural science. So you should act upon it, as your customers’ spoken desires are very different from their real underlying needs.

The company Innovationbubble uses modern psychology to map these differences, and to find the right strategy for positioning. They’ve helped Virgin Atlantic to reposition their digital marketing and sales along these principles, which resulted in +£1M profit over the same period in the previous 3 years.

AI can get you the optimal Next Best Action, while it can prevent churn significantly

Many solution providers now seek to feed their AI powered algorithms with your customers’ data, and offer to predict the behaviour of the “unmeasured” or future users. This is claimed to open the door for predicting your Next Best Action, or the likeliness of churn.

A company called GemSeek stood out in this topic by their Predictive NPS model, that they successfully implemented at UPC (Liberty Global), resulting in a 34% increase in retaining customers.

Being consistent across channels is still a pain point for many

Customer satisfaction suffers if the experience is not consistent across the channels. However, repeating the same things over these channels won’t get you far either, thus understanding the context for your customers’ actions is indispensable.

Juan Manuel Caro Bernat from Telefónica also drew the attention to the hitches of having legacy backend systems. His opinion completely matched with the decade long experience detailed in our article about “Legacy versus CX”.

A best practice from

Koodo Mobile in 2019 saved Can$12 million OPEX with a bold move in self-care.

They ditched their self-care mobile app saving Can$1 million/yr, and put their Koodo Assist initiative in focus.

Koodo Assist is a constantly evolving chatbot and a pursued philosophy to deliver answers for frequent and monotonous customer inquiries by automation.

A contact never gets lost. If the assistant cannot answer a question, customers can easily schedule a callback through the bot.

The concept:

  • Being the first touch point for customers
  • Consistency via channel agnosticism
  • Focus on support demand shaping
  • Continuous improvement via an iterative, phased approach

The results:

  • Can$12 million OPEX savings
  • Handled 2.5 million conversations
  • Reached 51.1% resolution rate
  • Reduced 15-20% of the average handle time
  • Rose overall call center employee satisfaction: the assistant takes over repetitive and low complexity calls, so colleagues feel more valuable as they handle complex inquiries.

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