Ensuring Core Stability for Digital Channels

A demonstration on how to break down the barriers between company siloes, and start pursuing better customer experience

The story

A dashboard was created to monitor UX and IT performance metrics of key customer journeys

We helped our client to get an overview on the performance of their customer facing systems – from the eye of an external user. A framework for regular UX audits was established, and an automatic system was set up to monitor uptime and speed of key customer portals.

The basic expectation of digitally native customers is reliablility, availability and the satisfying speed of core systems.


No overview was available to management in monitoring the performance of core customer facing services

The introduction of new frontends are often hindered by the reliability issues of the backend systems. Unavailable services, SSO outages and other factors can massively erode the customer experience.


We presented UX and IT performance metrics side by side to create joint attention on otherwise siloed problems

A dashboard was implemented to display the outcome of regular UX reviews, and the recorded availability and load time metrics. Key customer journeys, such as login, consumption check, bill payment etc. were measured.

THE Result

Treating UX and performance metrics together bridged significant gaps between business and IT

We addressed a long-standing overlooked situation regarding silo mentality. We initiated crucial collaborative efforts that improved communication and increased accountibility.