Opening the gates of a closed museum with VR

How can a bank make art more engaging for everyone? Our latest work for OTP Bank and Museum of Fine Arts.

The tension

The Museum of Fine Arts, one of the most important institutes of Hungarian culture, has been under renovation for the last 3 years. So we opened its doors to give people the opportunity to enter as a lover of art or as an artist with an art contest on Instagram. The museum displayed the best work at its grand reopening and kept it in its permanent exhibition for a whole month.

The most challenging part

The jury of 7 selected the best 15 out of more than 1300 Instagram entries. These were collected individually from the artists and arranged an exhibition of the top 15 entries with the help of curators in a hall of the still-closed Museum of Fine Arts.

VR in action

Then we recorded the Hall with a 3D scanner. This is how the virtual version of the exhibition was born at otpvrmuzeum.hu. Anyone could enter the VR Museum, walk around in the still closed Museum of Fine Arts, see the best 15 works, and vote for their favorites on the site.


And finally, we exhibited the best work of art at the grand reopening of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Impact in numbers



60+ sec

in the VRMuzeum

46 743


1 736


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