The story of an international toolkit for Molson Coors

For 8 different countries.
For 7 different beer brands.
For millions of consumers.

The story behind the story

Two months before the arrival of the Molson Coors pitch, we had created some – okay, not some but 58 – beauty shot videos for Borsodi. The videos were also seen by the parent company of Borsodi. Luckily, because that was one of the reasons they invited us to their regional pitch to make a toolkit for 8 countries, for 7 national champion beer brands whose names we couldn’t even pronounce at first. Then we won the pitch. So basically this is the story of how the whole thing began.

The brief

The brief was to create a modular concept to tell the story behind these beer brands. The story in which nature and human nurture come together and become one. Of course, we had to make the story adaptable for every market. And that was just the concept. The challenging part was in the details: we had to make it adjustable for online and offline channels, with POS, HORECA and local communication as well.

The working process

Since we and our clients were in 4 different countries, we had weekly calls. For the first few meetings, it was a bit strange to be organising a production-heavy, six-month project remotely, but we got used to it pretty quickly and easily. Fortunately, we finally had the opportunity to meet on the 36-hour shoot.

The outcome

The final toolkit contained a 211-slide presentation with 45 on and off-trade ideas and activations, 51 different mutations, as well as 939 beautifully shot visual contents. So check out the case study video, where you can see for yourself how beautiful they really were.

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