This is what a teen-compatible interview series looks like today

But how can the interview format work when speaking to young people? Let us present our 2019 campaign with Fanta, the Kibeszélő Show!


When Fanta landed with us, we inherited something else with it: the Fanta Presidential Board (FEF).

While the platform – which actively used its own made-for-purpose influencers on social media – was intended for young people, it quickly ran out of steam and, let’s just say, was not met with universal acclaim among its audience or its critics. When analysing the world of teen contents and the results, we found that it was the vague nature of FEF that caused the biggest problem for the Fanta channel: the platform did not represent a definite content type or program format and it was unclear to the viewers what it was exactly about.


Find a new format

Considering everything above, we decided to steer off the beaten path and take the risk of embarking upon something entirely new. The result was the Fanta Kibeszélő Show, a show interview series that is familiar and easily identifiable for the target group, while still being novel and unconventional; able to inspire and entertain teens at the same time.


Why does it work?

Because we’ve combined two tried-and-true video content types, interviews and challenge videos, and created an exciting new format out of them, partly by giving emphasis to the most powerful elements of the two genres and partly by including new elements that the target audience is open to. This is how we ended up with guests who are interesting to teens, an enthusiastic and self-deprecating host, unusual locations, personalized contents, show elements chosen by audience vote, extraordinary prizes – and much more.


Teens finally got their own talk show

With the Kibeszélő Show, teens finally got their own talk show which is tailored to their likes, speaks in a language they understand and can be found where they will actually watch it – if you wanna do it right, this is the way to change platforms.

Emese Bódi

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