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From scratch to submission - the story of a platform

This case study is gonna be a bit unusual. Of course, it will still have details about the brief and concept we created for it, but mostly we’d like to show you how such a big and complex campaign (which won best integrated campaign of 2018, by the way) was shaped over time, and what changes and alterations resulted in the final materials.

Still, going chronologically would be lame, so let’s start with the end of the story:​


we are showing you original slides and screenshots so that you can actually see what changed and how..

The story began in December 2017 when the tender brief arrived, containing the following key sentences that got included in the creative brief as well:

The essence of the brand is the slogan “The frothy side of life”. It’s been in use for years, it’s well-linked to Borsodi, and its meaning is: let’s always see the world in a positive light. 

The goal and mission of the brand is to make every day count. We would like to encourage men to notice the everyday joys, to find the good moments in everyday life and not let them slip by.

Then the creative team got to thinking and we ended up with three concepts for the tender, one of which was Borsodi Moments. The Moments first lived in an iPhone note, being written line by line, bit by bit, in bed before sleep, on the subway, on the toilet and in similar places perfectly fit for brainstorming.

We totally get it if you don’t totally get it yet, so let us show you how we described the concept in the tender document.

And in case that’s not enough, let us show you the concept film and some layouts from the tender document as well.

Then after the presentation, there came a few days - or few weeks? - of waiting and finally, the news: we won with the Moments.

Then we started working together and the first request promptly arrived: don’t use vignette films. It was an understandable request but the solution was not immediately apparent, as these were exactly the kind of everyday stories which at first didn’t make us feel the stakes, the suspense, the story that unfolds over 30-40 seconds. But luckily we realized that this problem should not necessarily be solved by the creative team alone, so at this stage in planning, we found our director, Bálint Sós and asked him to work with us. In the end, the solution was based on his suggestions: the Moments should be slow-mo and the protagonist’s thoughts should be audible.

We continued working on the visuals, while getting a better and better feel for the platform and the gag possibilities it held.

Finally, after focus groups and internal changes, the campaign’s launch arrived. Anyone who manages to send us a list of all the changes made to the film without missing a single one, will be our guest for a Borsodi, to be collected at the reception at Mito. 

Of course, we didn’t sit back and relax: we immediately started working on making the brand and the platform even better. We redesigned the packaging, and at the same time, refreshed the visual world for the second campaign burst.

And we also started including the product itself in the stories of the films, since by this time almost everyone understood what we were calling Borsodi Moments.

This is where we’re at right now and more is soon to come. And what’s our takeaway from all this? Perhaps that if there’s a good basis, a clearly defined framework with enough room for manoeuvre, which the client, the agency and the creators all understand and consider their own, then it doesn’t really matter if lots of changes need to be made or some ideas go unused because new ones are just as easily born. 

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