What’s this?

It’s 6 months of understanding what agency life is all about.

Some would say this is an internship (that’s why we call it that) but that would be a tad misleading (but we still call it that). We could also call it an agency simulation that shows you just what it’s like working in a social media team - by working in a social media team.

It’s an opportunity to learn how to handle the most important social platforms, to get familiar with influencer marketing and the world of stats and to gain knowledge about how a strategic and tactical social plan comes to life.

What do we expect?

You should be currently enrolled in college or be a recent graduate (or dropout) with (or without) a bachelor's degree in communications or a related field such as advertising or PR. Maybe a few months of work experience at an agency with basic knowledge of social media management.

Available to work 40 hours per week.

Fluent Hungarian and English (speaking, listening, reading, writing, preferably even dreaming in two languages).

What are you going to do?

Following social trends, novelties, sharing industry news (also known as social media gossip). That’s what you would be doing anyway, right?

Researching influencers (Yes! Scrolling Instagram at work!) and updating our databases accordingly.

Preparing monthly reports: measurement monitoring, analysis of incoming data, lessons / conclusions / suggestions / anything that ends with “ons”.

Designing and coordinating viral giveaways. Fans and followers will love you for that.

Supporting social content creation from the first ideas to publication.

What do we offer?

8 hour workdays, 40 hours / week.

A fair salary.

A client pool with the most ambitious brands and great opportunities: Telekom, Coca-Cola, Wizz Air, Borsodi, OTP.

Full time Mito-ship: nobody will treat you like an intern, you’ll be part of the team and that’s that.

We’ll guide and train you constantly so you won’t feel left behind at any time.

We can’t guarantee anything once the 6 months pass, but if you’re really good and we can work something out, we’d really appreciate you staying.

How do you apply?

If you are interested, don’t start polishing your CV right away, but instead send us the following:

1. Write a one pager document in Hungarian, where you answer the question: “What makes a brand’s social media communication authentic?” (Mitől lesz egy márka social kommunikációja autentikus?)

2. Create a CV in a form of an Instagram Story.

There are no rules about the length, you can use multiple stories, include music and gifs, basically anything. We appreciate creativity.

Download your final Instagram story, upload it to any cloud platform of your choice and insert the link into your one pager.

3. Send your final document (with the link to your Instagram story CV) to workwithus@mito.hu, please use the subject ‘application for the Social Media intern position’

Please send your application to us by Thursday, 25 February 2021 (23:59 PM)

What does the selection process look like?

If everything is cool with your application, we will invite you to a Zoom interview, where you can meet your future team and tell us more about yourself. For that matter, we will also ask you to prepare for this meeting by creating a presentation about a specific task.

After the interview we will let you know what we think about your presentation. No matter the outcome, we’ll give you detailed feedback.

Within two weeks after the interview, we will come back to you with a final decision, hopefully with a big and happy yes! 

Good to know

We work in four business units, all sharing the same DNA, but doing a lot of different and exciting stuff. This job belongs to the following business unit:



The only thing we take seriously at Mito. Oh, and personal growth. No matter if you do coding, writing, photoshopping or managing projects, as a company we would like to give you the opportunities to be better at it.



Our offices are in the Central Palace office building, located on Karolyi Utca, in downtown Budapest. A lot of room to come up with really cool stuff and have fun doing it. We occupy 3 large floors with enough sunlight to keep our plants alive.

Four-Legged Colleagues

Four-Legged Colleagues

Having animals - ok, mostly dogs - in the office increases optimism, lowers stress and from time to time enables us to take a break and get some fresh air. So dogs are very welcome here.

Inspiring atmosphere


Work related projects that inspire us are a given. Inspiring each other to flex those creative muscles is a task we gladly take upon ourselves. Like having our GFX wizards compete in designing each year's official T-shirt for the last ten years. Go on, have a look!