Senior Production Manager


You know how to juggle with two flaming machetes on a blue fitness ball while trying to diffuse a bomb? We know you do! And that makes you eligible to become our new Senior Production Manager. That, and a few other production related skills you might have.

Coca-Cola, OTP Bank and Magyar Telekom are just a bunch of clients you could be working with on projects as diverse as the regulars of the Star Wars Cantina. Shooting films, organizing kick-ass photo shoots, coordinating the busy PAs of the team - they’re all awaiting your arrival!

Your tasks will be...

Coordination of integrated campaigns’ production - let it be a film production, photoshoot or to be honest: anything else.

Supporting the other prod-heads in the team - sometimes it is keeping our mental health together, other times it is helping to find a gaffer.


Feasibility checking and working in close collaboration with other internal depts.

Continuous coffee and lunch chit chat with our beloved subcontractor pool.

Reporting in-house and outside of Mito, and of course: administrative tasks, contracts, performance certificates - yes, life here is not just all fun and movies.

What we need from you...

Experience in production - understanding the processes at a communication agency is a must, but if you have references as a freelancer, that is a plus.

Be able to communicate so that others understand you, on the first try.

Presentation skills when it comes to production related questions.

Working as an integral part of a team - let it be the production team or Mito itself. Be aware, sometimes you will have to supervise others within the team.

Be responsible for your tasks and be accountable for your actions. (Sounds like the police officer you met last night? Sorry!)

Fearless problem-solving skills.

Fluent English (not just the crazy amount of abbreviations).

We’ll be really happy if you...

Have ever worked with production houses, studios, photographers, directors (etc.) - on an international level.

Are willing to deal with issues related to the job before and after work hours if that’s how the cards are dealt - not gonna lie: this might (will) happen.

Are just simply funky and do not take yourself too seriously.

What you get in return

We have only one rule: take your work seriously, everything else should be easy and fun. Ok, that’s basically two rules. Here are some benefits you get by working with us:

Health Coverage

We got you covered if you need medical treatment. Hope you won't need to test it though.

Learning and development

Mito Hackathons, Mito Academy, Mito Brainy, Mito Showcase. There's a lot of events to keep our knowledge fresh - we know, we should invest more time in naming them.

Free fruits and snacks

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we wouldn't need the health coverage. Anyway, every now and then, there's some fresh fruit and snacks up for grabs.

9 to 5(ish)

Or 10 to 6. Or whatever. You can manage your time quite flexibly, if you do everything the others need, on time.


Apply now!


Orsolya Urbán

Orsi is searching for minds and souls, loves a good CV and to chat with new people. Go ahead and find out!