Senior Art Director


Yes, we at Mito do love clever things, but we are also huge fans of beautiful stuff. Our GFX crew prides itself on creating amazing campaigns and cutting edge digital products, but there’s a lot of projects and only so many team members, that’s why we need a little help. Wanna chip in?

Your tasks will be...

Participating in campaigns big and small: from creating a nice key visual to developing an entire campaign with a small team, starting from the first concept all the way to the legendary finalfinalv9.psd.

Cooperating with our amazing UX and development teams: we design and create complex websites, mobile apps and other digital interfaces, therefore you will have the opportunity to make friends from different teams very soon.

In summary: digital and print tasks, working in a team, and the ability to present your work, if such need comes up.

Leading and mentoring of small teams.

We need you to have...

An elevated blood pressure: did we get you excited?

At least 3 years of related work experience.

Passion and enthusiasm for what you do: whether it's a brand new challenge or something you've done before, it doesn't matter, as long as you love your work (and don't worry: we will help you develop your skills with the help of our own in-house training sessions).

A steady English knowledge and presentation skills.

A portfolio that contains your best website development and print works. Don't forget to send it to us!

The affinity for mentoring junior designers.

What you will get in return are...

Strong client portfolios, big projects and a bunch of things you can be very proud of.

Laughs and giggles all year round: GFX beer nights, hikes, you name it.

Tickets to courses and conferences as well as a front row seat to our very own GFX Show during which we explain to each other what we worked on this past month and what we learned as well.

Even more front row seats! You will have this privilege at Mito Academies, Mito Nites, and all the good stuff you will be part of once you become part of Mito.

What you get in return

We have only one rule: take your work seriously, everything else should be easy and fun. Ok, that’s basically two rules. Here are some benefits you get by working with us:

Medicover Health Coverage

We got you covered if you need medical treatment - our package even includes emergency services. Hope you won't need to test them though.

Learning and development

Mito Hackathons, Mito Academy, Mito Brainy, Mito Showcase. There's a lot of events to keep our knowledge fresh - we know, we should invest more time in naming them.

Free fruits and snacks

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we wouldn't need the health coverage. Anyway, every now and then, there's some fresh fruit and snacks up for grabs.

9 to 5(ish)

Or 10 to 6. Or whatever. You can manage your time quite flexibly, if you do everything the others need, on time.


And if I make it?

We do this quick and dirty.

You apply. We check your portfolio.
You come in. We tell you stuff.
You complete a small project. We will evaluate.
You make a decision. We make a decision.
We go party.
Just like that: no hidden fees and extra charges on the way.


Apply now!


Orsolya Urbán

Orsi is searching for minds and souls, loves a good CV and to chat with new people. Go ahead and find out!