Mobile QA Engineer


We could go on for hours and hours about a new mobile app that we are creating for one of our newest international clients, and how we will try to streamline all important features to provide just the experience our users are looking for. But actually we want you to go on for hours and hours about how all this can take an unexpected wrong turn. If you are able to do that then probably you’re the new Mobile QA Engineer we’re looking for and we really hope you like dogs and purple.

Your tasks will be...

Collaboration with the project team to get a deep understanding of every aspect of the application and business requirements

Seeking and verifying issues in mobile applications

Creating and maintaining manual test cases and automated UI tests

Conveying issues, concerns and feedback to the team

Identifying risks during the development cycle, and escalating accordingly with possible solutions for mitigation.

We need you to have...

2-3 years of experience in testing mobile applications

Familiarity with various testing methodologies and automated tests

An agile approach - you have to be ready for change

Collaboration and communication skills - understand and be understood

English knowledge - you’re on the right track if you didn’t have any problems with the above words

You can score extra points with...

An ISTQB qualification

Experience in web application testing

Interest in CI/CD

Having worked with device farms

Teaching us any abbreviation we haven’t heard of yet

What you get in return

We have only one rule: take your work seriously, everything else should be easy and fun. Ok, that’s basically two rules. Here are some benefits you get by working with us:

Health Coverage

We got you covered if you need medical treatment. Hope you won't need to test it though.

Learning and development

Mito Hackathons, Mito Academy, Mito Brainy, Mito Showcase. There's a lot of events to keep our knowledge fresh - we know, we should invest more time in naming them.

Free fruits and snacks

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we wouldn't need the health coverage. Anyway, every now and then, there's some fresh fruit and snacks up for grabs.

9 to 5(ish)

Or 10 to 6. Or whatever. You can manage your time quite flexibly, if you do everything the others need, on time.


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Edina Pintér

Edina is searching for minds and souls, loves a good CV and to chat with new people. Go ahead and find out!