5 rules to turn influencers from media assets to true brand ambassador

Five rules to turn influencers from media assets to true brand ambassador

Five rules to turn influencers from media assets to true brand ambassador

Five rules to turn influencers from media assets to true brand ambassador

Five rules to turn influencers from media assets to true brand ambassador

The story

When we began to work with Nokia we were unfamiliar with the versatility of future oriented projects that we would have to comprehend in order to position Nokia as a leading tech innovator. To raise genuine interest in specific topics we felt that the best way was to connect experts from around the globe to the expertise at Nokia. What we found was that these experts were actually popular influencers, established content creators in their respective niche. Together we built our campaign to further appeal to their audiences, working with them not simply as media assets but our trusted partners. We tested 5G games in Berlin, explored the future of the mobile phone in New Delhi and flew drones over Helsinki to find out together what’s #techpossible.


Here are 5 rules that helped us create great content:

Let others be the better experts


It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about, it’s vital to know your product and its market.

We realized the importance of involving as many experts as possible to gather the most information available. The collected information was shared with the creators, increasing their expertise in the topic. Finding the right individuals proved to be challenging on a global level - our team went from market to market, gathering information, then shortlisting it together with planners and brand managers to ensure brand fit. Once we found them we knew we were on the right track.

Make sure the creators are really into your topic with up-to-date knowledge, ideally exceeding yours. If they’re current then they’re able to provide new insights and turn your message into an exciting piece of content.

Consider content creators your most important customer

They’re the ones you need to convince first that your product is worthy of attention. They must be committed and passionate to your brand and project, while having the ability to tell a story with honesty and credibility. 

Create an atmosphere where their creativity flourishes


Your role is to set up a framework where they can work independently - once you have the core concept, your own creative team should rather provide great feedback than brainstorm. Provide occasions where creators can meet the brand team and relevant experts thus allowing them to deep dive into brand related experiences and places. Give them the opportunity to test the product. Collect and share things that are inspiring to them in an exciting way. This requires in-depth research at the beginning, but is very well worth it. 

Your job is to get them in a position where they are able to thrive, allowing them to cover the story in a more authentic and understandable way. Increased involvement and uncomfortable demands limit the influencers’ personality and creativity flow through the story.

Let credibility be your mantra

Arrange meetings between the brand experts and the influencer to provide access to first hand information. Client involvement is key in order to provide a deeper understanding from the start. It is not just key for the influencers to thoroughly understand what a brand wants but vica versa, what influencers are willing to say in their content. Mutual understanding is the basis of credible representation.

Accept honest opinions


Constructive criticism about your product may be hard to digest but don’t be afraid of honest opinions. The audience values honesty big time and it enhances the perception of your product in the long run. Consider influencers to be a type of journalist, representing unique points of view. This helps to make your content more exciting and valuable. And honestly is why we cooperate with influencers in the first place.

Above all we are truly grateful for the opportunity to have worked together with Arun xx, Force Gaming and the Beboom group creating compelling stories for their respective audiences about drone networks, 5G and the future of mobile phones.

You can watch the stories here: