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​We at Mito Next, Mito’s emerging business solutions unit love reinventing services, and we do this for customers such as Deutsche Telekom, Magyar Telekom, MOL, OTP Bank, Wizz Air, MÜPA and many others. We are super proud of the things we pull together and have fun while doing it. Our next assignment is: get our headcount up to the lucky number 7, with the help of a Business Consultant.

Do you like exploring business needs? Are you comfortable with, or do you at least have some experience with service design methods? Are you eager to discuss anything and everything with the client as well as the project team? Do you think there should be more questions up here to fulfill your thirst for information? Since you have come this far, keep reading, it will be fun!

Your tasks will be

Gathering and deciphering information and mapping out client business needs, a.k.a. diagnosing the business problem. Don’t worry, we have every resource you need in-house, form subject-matter experts to fine-tuned methods and processes.

Overseeing complex journeys and flows: you will need to be ready to reign and handle multiple threads, process several pieces of information from various sources, and have lunch at the same time, to make it to the next day.

Initiating discussions with clients as well as internal teams to make sure everyone is on the same track and there are no misunderstandings between various project storylines.

Being the gentle but firm helping hand by guiding clients and colleagues towards the right directions for the project.

Pumping up efficiency by working your magic: it will be your and your team’s job to find and develop whatever ideas and tools you (or your client) need to work with, to fit our customers’ needs and make them smile.

Becoming a leader and mentor to other team members as well as the client.

Asking questions. A lot of them. All the time. (Really. Just keep asking.)

We need you to have

At least 3-4 years of experience in a digital consultancy role (you don’t have to come from an agency background).

Service design experience and general knowledge about its tools and methods.

Good English skills both in speaking and writing: you will need it quite often.

An understanding of both agency and client sides and needs.

A good grasp of what it means to be a consultant and a project manager at the same time.

A cool head and common sense. Ask questions freely and clearly (remember: ask a lot of them), but also keep your project and clients on the right track: always have the big picture ahead of you.

Familiarity with buzzwords like service design, customer journey mapping, UX, content strategy, conversational technologies, chatbots, performance marketing, marketing automation and data science.

What you get in return

We have only one rule: take your work seriously, everything else should be easy and fun. Ok, that’s basically two rules. Here are some benefits you get by working with us:

Medicover Health Coverage

We got you covered if you need medical treatment - our package even includes emergency services. Hope you won't need to test them though.

Learning and development

Mito Hackathons, Mito Academy, Mito Brainy, Mito Showcase. There's a lot of events to keep our knowledge fresh - we know, we should invest more time in naming them.

Free fruits and snacks

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, we wouldn't need the health coverage. Anyway, every now and then, there's some fresh fruit and snacks up for grabs.

9 to 5(ish)

Or 10 to 6. Or whatever. You can manage your time quite flexibly, if you do everything the others need, on time.


How do I apply?

Keep on scrolling: fill out the important stuff and we’ll be in touch soon, no matter what. We’ll let you know what's up even if we don't match today.

And if I make it?

Selecting our new consultant colleague is like a therapy session: there will be one-on-one counseling to determine your needs and goals, and a group therapy session as well.

We will start with the one-on-one counseling session in which we will invite you to come visit us at Mito’s office. You will have a chance to talk to Noémi (VP of Mito Next) about our brand new business unit, our goals and focuses. We are also eager to know more about your background, work experiences and goals to find mutual connections.

If we find these connections and you are still interested, the second round will be about a real life challenge we could easily come across during our work. It is a task that mimics something that we have experience with or are aiming for in the future. You will have a week or so to complete the task and get back to us with a neat presentation about your approach. 

As a result, in the group therapy phase (a.k.a. personal presentation), you will meet with a bunch of people including Noémi, product owners of the specific projects we are hiring for, and most probably a bunch of other people who are related to the Next team one way or another (or maybe not at all, who knows). During this round, which will last about 2 hours, you will be asked to present your ideas and we’ll also leave room for a Q&A and further discussion. 

We would like to see how you integrate your mindset into your work and where your strengths lie, so we can better determine how you could fit into the team.

There is no round three: we don’t want you to jump hoops unnecessarily. Just like you will be needing time to digest everything you have heard and experienced in order to make an informed decision, it is likely that we will also need a few days’ time to evaluate your performance and make up our minds, and provide you with feedback. If everybody’s happy, we can jump into discussions about the specifics, like finding you a great chair and desk. :)​


Apply now!


Orsolya Urbán

Orsi is searching for minds and souls, loves a good CV and to chat with new people. Go ahead and find out!