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Mito loves clever things and clever people.

Meeting people who we could easily imagine as our colleagues is always awesome. Send us your CV, so we can get to know you and let you know if we are looking for someone like you.

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What we have for you:

You can work on complex projects, with big clients. A fantastic team is waiting for you in which everyone enjoys their jobs and where everyone is serious about producing clever things. A comfortable, homey office will welcome you as well as a competitive salary.

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About us

We only take one thing seriously.
Our job.

We adore hanging out. We love to get stuck in front of our PlayStation, at the end of the day. We’re proud about not remembering the last time we wore a suit. But what really glues us together is loving what we do.

Websites, mobile apps, product development, integrated campaigns. We’ve sought and found challenges in many things, while we grew up to be one of the biggest agencies of Hungary.